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9 January 2021: Welcome to Liberty! Bicycles. Please note that our operations are limited for safety. If you plan to visit, please follow our COVID business protocols:
1. Maximum two individuals (at a time) for shopping.
2. Maximum one person (by appointment) for sizing, positioning, and fitting services.
3. Clean hands and protective face-masks are compulsory.
4. If you are feeling unwell, have been in large group-activities, or have traveled, please do not visit the shop.
5. Avoid physical contact and attempt to keep a personal separation distance at all times.
6. Curbside pick-up available.
7. Local transport/delivery can be arranged if required.
Please remember: We are doing our best to keep customers and staff safe from the COVID-19 virus. Try to be nice. Our goals: Minimize the risk of virus transmission; and, provide top-quality essential services under restrictions. A BIG thank you to our community, friends and clients for their ongoing support of the shop.

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The COVID crisis has caused people to flock to outdoor activities like cycling; and, if you have been into almost any bike-shop lately you know that the bike-industry has not been able to keep up with the demand. Now, most bike-shops are pretty empty. We expect this situation to last another season before shops return to some kind of normal. So, coming into spring, bikes will still be in short supply. Many models will sell-out early… and you may need to wait until mid-to-late summer before getting the bike you want. (In some cases, this also applies to things like parts and accessories, too.)
Our website shows which bikes are “available” to order, and which bicycles are “in stock” for immediate purchase. If you are interested in something “available” please contact us either by phone (905-682-1454) or by email ( or just use the contact link on the site. You can use our biometric tool to help size yourself for your new bike. Reach out if you need help. We hope this information helps guide you into the cycling year ahead.

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