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La Vuelta a EspaƱa is Spain’s Pro Tour multi-stage race. Every August, inside the peloton, it’s hard to miss bikes from Spain’s Basque Country bike manufacturer, Orbea. In this testing ground Orbea builds its world-class UCI calibre bicycles — Road, Off-Road, and Gravel.
This pictured Orca ultra-light carbon racer shows off their rich Wine-Red/Titanium paint. The sunlight really brings out the colour. Although all their bikes come with amazing stock colourways, Orbea offers you the option of customizing your bike with your own paint-job using their huge palette of matte and gloss finishes. Just look for the custom MYO colour-wheel when you are selecting your next bike. Custom finishes are no extra charge. In some cases you can also request different stem lengths, bars, saddles, and other parts when ordering. Prices only vary based on upgrades. Bikes are made and finished in Spain, and can be purchased and sent directly to Liberty! Bicycles for final assembly and fitting. We are proud to offer Orbea to those customers who prefer top-end quality. Ask us for details.

Urban Arrow e-Cargo

As we are faced with the reality of the climate crisis we at Liberty! Bicycles are, more than ever, trying to provide options for each of us to include bikes into our lives for not just sport, but also for transportation. The more we opt for bicycles in our daily lives the bigger the chance we can attain our climate goals and reduce our CO2 emissions. We also request that our provincial and federal governments make it easier to purchase electric bikes like the Urban Arrow Cargo Bike by offering purchase incentives and tax credits. Make sure you ask your MP and MPP for help in purchasing your next electric bike for transportation. We all need this. For our part, we will be offering a larger range of top-quality, democratically-manufactured, electric-assist bikes from brands like Urban Arrow, Babboe, and Gazelle, among others. It’s up to all of us to do our part to clean the air and save the future for our kids.

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